Is this the start of frum spam?

I got this email a while back and the person who calls herself Shulamis sent it again and asked me to respond kindly, at least she didn’t ask me for my account number and password. I responded that since the letter contained no sources such as last name, rabbis endorsement, or proof that it was real I disregarded it as frum spam – I get loads of frum spam – I could imagine that spammers and scammers will learn sooner or later that frum people are used to meshulachim so why not take that art to the inbox.

You decide for yourselves if this is real or spam – even if it’s spam – there must be someone who has the names at bottom and they are going to have some mad brownie points for all of the random tehillim requests.


To Whom it may Concern:

As I write this letter nothing but tears roll down my face. R”L my hubby has been diagnosed with cancer several months ago. For several months already he has stopped working and will not be able to return to work for several more months. Presently he’s in the middle of receiving his treatment and his treatment is not over for another 2 1/2 -3 months. Once the treatment is finally over he must then take off time to fully recuperate. May Hashem continuously send him a Refuah Sheleimah. For this reason he cannot go back to work. Even when he does go back to work it will be extremely part time. Unfortunately for some time now there is no income whatsoever.

Baruch Hashem he has insurance and supplement to help pay for his medical treatment. We are Baruch hashem affiliated with RCCS to help pay his medical treatment. Even with his insurance and RCCS’ help, there’s still alot of medical expenses that must be paid like transportation, medication, etc etc etc. Due to the astronomical cost of his illness, I am unable to pay for daily living expenses.

I am struggling for a very long time in finding employment. Unfortunately I’m still not working. I know that Hashem will provide for me but until then there’s no income.

Unfortunately I am in need of financial aid to help pay with daily living expenses- which includes rent, utility bills, insurance, etc etc etc. Because of lack of money, I am behind paying the rent and many utilities. I am extremely afraid that we do not end up on the street, C”V any day now.

Over a course of time I have made several thousand calls to different organizations where I live,(I live in FL) and then thereafter reached out to different states as well. Unfortunately I have not been successful with receiving financial aid in helping me pay for daily living expenses.

I would greatly appreciate if you can help me with my plight. Perhaps you may know of an individual(s), an organization in your area or anywhere else in the world that might be able to assist me with financial aid.

Your assistance is extremely appreciated.

Kindly say Tehillim for Avruhom Yehida Ben Esther for Refuah Sheleimah

Esther Chava Shulamis Bas Fruma for Parnassa

Kol Tuv,