Kollel wives produce Dr. Laura greatest hits

With the popular radio show host Dr. Laura off the air, kollel wives around the country have joined together to produce the first Time Life Dr. Laura Box Set. It is well known that Dr. Laura was one of the most popular radio programs amongst women in the orthodox Jewish community trying to justify their kitchen and child rearing duties.

While many of the women are sad to see her go, they rejoiced at the call from Time Life to send in their old recordings of her doing her morning show that was considered to be the most moral voice on the radio. “She may have not been a practicing Jew, but we knew she was the true meaning of the pintele yid” – said Mushkie Levertov of Texas. It’s as if she was the voice of the orthodox community, calling homosexuality a disease and trying to make the N word sound acceptable (click the link for full transcript of the call)as the folks from Clerks 2 tried to make porch monkey sound acceptable.

In light of Dr. Laura’s demise many in the religious community at large are calling for the removal of the popular column Savage Love – calling it disgusting, lewd and a downright encouragement to sexual deviants – calling those who enjoy reading Savage Love a threat to society. We at FS News find it a bit odd that anyone right wing would actually be reading the free zines and papers that feature Savage Love – since his article is usually surrounded by ads for escort services and hot oil rub and tugs.  We wonder if This Modern World is next on the right wing religious hit list.