I’ve got one strange yetzer hara

I’m sitting on the tailgate of my car eating some raw almonds, I’m sweaty and I feel damned good, like amazing to be alive. Then I start thinking about what to do next, it’s only 6:45 and I could take a nice leisurely drive up the coast from where I am in Santa Cruz and do an awe inspiring mincha b’yechidus while watching one of Hashem’s coolest creations disappear in a fiery color storm below the Pacific horizon, then the yetzer tov pipes in.

I know what you’re thinking, how on earth is a sunset mincha filled with kavannah a work of the yetzer hara?

My yetzer hara is a strange animal – here’s how it works.

Yetzer Tov: Heshy, you know that if you leave now you will make it on time to shul in Palo Alto where you can daven with a minyan.

Yetzer Hara: Dude, you know you never get a good davening in at that shul, you just won’t have proper kavannah.

Yetzer Tov: Even so, davening with a minyan without kavannah is better than davening alone with kavannah.

Yetzer Hara: Imagine you saying ashrei, dangling your legs off the cliffs at Bonny Doon beach, wind in your hair.

Yezter Tov: You will be able to hear the Rabbi speak between mincha and maariv.

Yetzer Hara: Dude, weren’t you just telling me how you didn’t like the fact that the rabbi didn’t ever speak for that long – remember you brought along your chovos halivovos – you can bust some of that stuff out after mincha and watch the sunset.

Yetzer Tov (the money and blogging tactic): You can save valuable gas money and maybe there will be some interesting happenings in shul to write about.

Yetzer Hara: You work almost every night, how often do you get to see the sunset?

The Yetzer Tov won that time, I think it may have had something to do with the fact I received a parking ticket and thought about how I hadn’t given ma’aser from that paycheck. Tonight the yetzer hara won and I did a mincha in fog ensrhouded redwoods in the middle of a muddy ride, instead of waiting to go to shul. I am sure everyone has strange yetzer hara’s and tov’s – mine sure is, always trying to trick me with the solitude and the view.