This kiddush levana is sponsored by

Never in my life have I opened up a non-Jewish book to find that it was sponsored by someone, yet most religious Jewish books have some sort of sponsorship. I think it’s another tzedaka scam. I write a book and if you sponsor it by remembering someone who died, their neshama will get a aliyah. Sounds like a pretty genius way of making people feel like they are getting more brownie points for their money. I also love how certain books like those Artscroll propaganda biographies full of what I call shtetl fantasy literature that tells us how humble certain people were are sponsored by people who want everyone to see who sponsored the book. Isn’t there a whole thing about basking in the glory of sponsorship or awards. I don’t sponsor kiddushim for that reason. I like honor and awards, but not because I donated my masser money to pay for herring and fish balls.

With that said, I have always wondered why other things like Kiddush levena for instance, were never sponsored. That could be a real money maker. If a freaking book is sponsored, if shuls charge for aliyos, why can’t they seek sponsors for Kiddush levana? It makes sense. The rabbi announces that it’s Kiddush levana after shul that night and that it was sponsored by the Feinberg Family in memory of their mothers yertzeit that week, may the neshama have an aliyah.

I have been thinking more and more about ad placement too. Ad Journals are cons, but imagine if Artscroll started selling ad space before the introduction of the siddur, ads like, Eichlers sells artscroll siddurs at reduced rates or something.

While we are at it, we might as well get a sponsor for kol nidre. Maybe the tochacha could be sponsored as well. I definitely never understood why companies didn’t donate the peroches or bimah covers. Every person that gets called up to the torah will see their company name and subconsciously they may shop at Freedmans over the Glatt Mart because of it.

I for one, would definitely sell ad space on my religious articles. My tefilin bag could be a great start. I travel a bit and loads of different folks will see your ad. What about my yarmulke, that’s actually a really good idea – besides the fact they may ask me to change the placement of my yarmulke and limit my use of bobby pins as fasteners, which could be problematic.

Imagine if Chassidim would start advertising for Monsey Trails on their vests and coats? And yeshivish people started using their shtenders, black hats and lulav holders for ad space. Hmm, I wonder if different mohelim sign their name to document their handiwork…