Man is suing Rebbe for telling him to buy Toyota

A man is suing the Lubavitcher Rebbe after totaling his Toyota which he claimed the Rebbe told him to buy. In shocking blow to the Messianic wing of Chabad, a man is claiming that whole becoming religious through Chabad he was told to open the Rebbe’s letters to random pages to look for guidance. He is claiming that the Rebbe told him to buy a Toyota, which was subsequently totaled after the man claims his gas pedal was pushed down.

Messianic Lubavitchers are scrambling to come up with excuses for the man’s claims as they try and explain to followers that this was in fact possible, that the Rebbe does speak directly to people through his letters, but that this man was obviously delusional because the Rebbe never mentioned Toyota in any of his letters.

The man has no idea which letter told him to do this which makes the story that much more unbelievable, but he is sticking to his story. In fact many messianic lubavitchers, although they don’t want to get sued, are siding with the man – claiming that this in fact another reason that they believe the Rebbe is alive and well and continues to communicate with random people for unknown reasons.