Youtube Guy calls me a “Funny Ass N—“

Allison from Jew in the city sent this video over of this random non-Jewish dude who lives in Crown Heights who is raving about all the Jewish Youtubers and how any time you post a Jewish video on You Tube it brings out all of the Anti-semitic Trolls. He’s right, no matter what it’s about, someone has always got to start some fight about Israel or something. If you want to hear him say that Frum Satire is a Funny Ass Nigga, which made me laugh so hard I almost had an anurism{sic}, it’s at about the 5:40 mark. It’s worth it to watch the whole video because he mentions a bunch of stuff you would never expect non-Jews to watch, I myself know I have some hardcore non-Jewish fans, but The Cool Jew? Who woulda thunk it?