Off the derech and looking for a shidduch

I have a lot of friends who are culturally orthodox, but aren’t necessarily religious and I’ve got to thinking about how to set these folks up. Lots of the folks I know simply don’t follow the path they grew up with, but are still willing to toe the line of conformity when they visit friends and family and I kind of feel that there should be some sort of shidduch service for folks that are culturally orthodox.

I am not an expert on the “off the derech” community, but from my dozen or so formerly religious friends it seems that they would get along better if they had a mate of a similar situation, but how do you find someone. Frumster doesn’t have a category for culturally religious folks.

For instance we could define: What does culturally orthodox mean to you?

I know folks who talk yeshivish, look kind of yeshivish, but have no belief in God and semi-publicly non-religious. It’s tough when you’re from a frum home and bring home someone who has no experience with that society – hence the reason that I think hashkafic compatability can transfer over to cultural compatibility.

If you do happen to be be off the derech, formerly frum or culturally frum I do have a bunch of friends who are looking to get married so send me your stats.