Does this exacerbate the shidduch crisis?

So I’m sitting at someone’s house this last Shabbos and am told that my buddy and I couldn’t eat there the next day because they are having two single girls over. Both our jaws dropped open and we wondered the odds. From where on earth did these girls come? How could we not know that two frum eligible members of the opposite sex had dropped into San Jose? There is one single guy in the entire shul and no single girls. In order to find a frum single girl of shidduch crisis age you have to drive an hour north to San Francisco. 

Apparently we weren’t frum enough for these girls. I didn’t argue, but I wanted to say that if they were so frum why weren’t they married? I mean truly aidel frum girls should be married with kids by the time they hit their mid 20’s unless there was something wrong with them. Neither of us cared. Single girls in the community are such a rare occurrence — how could they sit idly by and try and set us up?

For the record, when I saw the two girls the next day at shul, I realized that based on the length of their skirts (about 3 inches above the ankle) that they were in fact too frum – but who knows? Maybe we would have hit it off and made some time for Friday night mitzvah sessions. Or maybe we would have had friends to set up with each other. I am bothered by the fact that there were single girls and single guys and people felt that having them at their Shabbos table was inappropriate. It seems counter intuitive to me.