Why do Jews make such a big deal over missionaries?

I get messages on facebook all of the time that tell me one of my mutual friends with that person is a missionary and I ask them, what is the big deal? I just don’t get what all the fuss over missionaries is about. Are these Jews so shaky in their faith that they are scared that some bible thumping Christians are going to convince them to change their faith on Facebook of all places?

While I am on the subject, I don’t really have a problem with Jews for Jesus. Let them do their thing — but people go nuts. I have heard so many conversations that are these diatribes about the evils of Jews for Jesus and missionaries. Once again I must ask — is your faith that shaky that you’re worried about losing Orthodox Jews to another religion? Or maybe you’re worried about your fellow non-religious Jews? It seems odd that the same people worrying about our non-religious brothers and sisters are the ones pushing them away in the first place.

Missionaries always