Making a shidduch rocks

Making a shidduch a tough job, but someone’s got to do it…

I made my first successful shidduch recently. If you count the couple that met in the comments section of this blog and got married, I made two shidduchim, but for all intents and purposes, let’s talk about the shidduch in which I had a direct hand. It kind of went down like this. I called up this girl with whom I’m friends and said “I have this guy you’d like. He’s a real dick and he’s got that tough guy asshole till you know him deal but I think you would really like each other.” Sounds kind of harsh, but I meant it in an endearing way.

It was so simple to get them to go out. I told them they both liked hip hop, Israel, drinking and smoking. Next thing I know they are having tefillin dates (shomer negiah ones) and all of a sudden I’m having one of my first nachas shepping experiences in Monsey at the l’chaim. I was so proud and then I realized that making a shidduch is one of the greatest experiences I have ever had.

My friend called me the other night from the airport. They were about to board a plane to Israel and his wife was pregnant. I swore I was about to shed some tears on that phone, but I held it in until he hung up.

I wonder if it feels as good when it becomes your job. Do the shadchanim on Saw you at Sinai shep nachas every time one of their mindless internet matches actually works? Do they chalk it off as another commission check? What about real life shadchanim working with people whom they don’t know? Do they get the shidduch high as well?

I have been actively trying to make shidduchim for some time, but I understand the plight of shadchanim. People are just so slow to act. I try to set up people and most of the time they just forget to call you back or one side says yes and the other side drags their feet. If you’re trying to get married, what does it hurt to go out on a date? Most people don’t have laundry lists of things they need and almost everyone I’m trying to set up are people I know well enough not to put them in an awkward situation. It bothers me so much because when I am in dating mode, I’ll pretty much go out with anyone that sounds shayich.

I have even tried to get people to post their shidduch profiles up on this site. There have been a few but not many. Do you want to experiment?