The erev Shabbos post shower clothing dilemma

I typically show up about an hour before Shabbos when I am staying somewhere new. If I am a seasoned guest at someone’s house, the time I arrive depends on past experiences. But what I am about to discuss is something I’ve always had trouble with.

People will typically tell you to hop in the shower before all the kids and adults need to jump in, or before they run out of hot water. If the bathroom is not in my room, and they are not the type of family where I could walk around in my underwear, I never know what to do. If I take a shower what do I put on afterward?

If I put on my Shabbos clothes, it’s usually too early. If I put on the same dirty clothes, it looks weird. Sometimes I change into a hodgepodge of Shabbos and weekday clothes. I always had this issue and realized that it was kind of funny that everyone I know also thinks about it.