Tichel Cuties: another Jewish Lady Gaga attempt

I have never actually seen a Lady Gaga video, but I saw the Glee episode about it. It seems that all I know about the whole Gaga craze is from the Jewish Lady Gaga videos that have been popping up on Youtube. Below is the latest attempt; within 2 days they have received nearly 10,000 views. I have a feeling that many folks were expecting some hot married ladies showing some skin, but instead they were greeted with a bunch of young modern orthodox girls wearing tichels and doing un-sexy dances while attempting to put Jewish spins on Lady Gaga songs.

The Chassidish wedding band that did the Lady Gaga song at a chassanah is old news, but for those of you living under a rock – it is featured below as well. It’s almost as if Hashem answered my prayers for some good Jewish videos when I asked the other day for people to send me what they find. The girls in the video call themselves the tichel cuties. If you have an aversion to women showing their elbows,  if you get turned on from girls singing, or in general don’t like the modern orthodox world, I would tell you to skip the first video and just watch the second one.

Chassidim try their hand at their Frum Jewish Lady Gaga wedding welcoming: