Chassidic groups decide to kick out non-Chassidish sounding members

Many people are shocked at a group of Chassidic communities in the New York metropolitan area that has decided to pass a proclamation that will attempt to rid the communities of American sounding members. The law, which allows Chassidic men to stop anyone on the street and determine if they are a real chossid or just a litvak trying to be a chossid has been called racist by the ACLU, ADL and other large organizations that usually have nothing to say about Chassidic politics.

The head of the RCA told us that he is scared for his own community, he is fearful because the community simply cannot support these Chassidim that don’t sound Chassidic. They may speak English, but they aren’t like us, and if they flood our communities we wouldn’t know what to do with them. It’s not like we can just deport them like over in Arizona.

Chassidim rallied around the cause, when for the first time since Satmar left Crown Heights in the 1960’s, Lubavitch leaders joined the group in this historic piece of legislation. The Chabad Chassidic movement is known for its natural acceptance of anyone who is willing to believe in the words of the Rebbe, but chabad leaders told us that in order to really believe, they must have full the full unkempt beard and garb of the Rebbe.

So while most Chassidic sects are going to profile based on conversational Yiddish to detect if it is in fact a chassidishe Yiddish, the lubavitchers will actually be profiling people based on look and that has caused the ACLU to enter the ranks and file suit against the proposal.

Many in the non- Chassidic community are afraid of the flood of these kids of the impostors into their schools and neighborhoods. Some are also dismayed because many of these Chassidic impostors were mashgichim in the cholov yisroel and chassidishe shechitah industries and folks are fearful that prices could skyrocket, because normal yiddisher Chassidim do not want to take such lowly jobs.