With new technology comes new halachic questions

With recent advances in technology there are bound to be a whole bunch of halachic issues that arise. In order to preempt these issues I have thought about the following issues that may be debated amongst the great rabbis of our time, even if they happen to be in jail.

Technology related halachic issues:

If they were to genetically modify a pig to chew its cud, would it be kosher?

Can ten people in different places daven in video conference mode?

Can one tweet their prayers?

Does yichud count when it comes to your smart phone?

Can one lain from their iPad Torah?

If your iPhone drops while you are using the siddur app, do you have to kiss it?

Will the siyyum hashas committee accept people who completed shas on an electronic device?

Is it assur to drive a non-hybrid vehicle if you can afford one?

Do you have to put your iPhone in shaimos if it dies?

Can you use a smart phone application to check lettuce for bugs?

Would milk be considered cholov yisroel if someone was watching via webcam?

If they can create leather in a lab, can you use it for tefillin?

If there’s a webcam in your room, is it still yichud?

Can someone be yozte from a blessing done online?

Do you have to close your blog on shabbos?

Is auto-tweeting assur since it may tweet on shabbos?

Do you have to check yes on a school application where it asks if you have a TV, if you watch TV on your computer?

If you and your wife have a joint facebook account do you have to separate it it during niddah?