Stuff Single Frum Guys like

If I weren’t in Yosemite at the moment I might add a few, but to keep up with my posting I decided to schedule this ahead of time.

By Chananya Goldman

Stuff single frum guys like:

Saying “I think I hear a baby crying”  in a room full of young marrieds.

Professing their dislike of labels, but using them all the time anyways.



Email—it’s so much easier to say no to a pesky shadchan via email.

Asking girls out on your own. This depends on your particular sub-denomination (see below).

Stuff single ______ guys like:

  • Yeshivish
    • Girls’ high school graduation albums.
    • Lounges.
    • Meeting parents before a first date.
    • Law school (if still single by age 27).
  • “Modern yeshivish” (i.e. guys who went to black-white yeshiva for a few years, then to college).
    • Girls who can discuss things like density functional theory.
    • Hypothetical out-of-the-box girls.
    • Science vs. Torah stuff.
  • MO machmir
    • YU politics, especially the gay issue.
    • Girls who can discuss an obscure Rashi at the end of the 5th perek of Machshirin.
    • Science vs. Torah stuff.
  • MO liberal
    • 1-800-get-a-heter

Stuff single frum guys don’t like

Getting the “what are you looking for” question from random strangers.

Getting called up for an aliya as ????? ….

Being called a “boy”.

Girls who dumb themselves down.


Girls who talk too much.

Girls who don’t talk.


Stuff single frum guys aren’t sure if they like

Being physically active


Secular girls (don’t they seem easier to talk to?)