Do you want to offset your carbon footprint?

Guess what folks?

Frum Satire is going green.

Don’t worry, the color of the site won’t change. My attitude about the environment will. After much consideration, I have decided to jump on the bandwagon and ask you folks if you wanted to offset your carbon footprints. You can do this by donating money to my paypal account (, I will take this money and use it to feed myself, buy gasoline and pay for my rent. However, I will give you a receipt certifying that you have offset your carbon footprint by allowing me to purchase wind energy to power my laptop and iPod. I will also try to only drink overpriced “healthy” drinks like Odwalla and Naked juices. If you would like to save the environment, pay for my specialty items from Whole Foods and help Frum Satire go green – please read below:

Just like I’m sick of people telling me to go green, I’m even more sick of people telling me I can pay them to offset my carbon footprint. What does that mean? It means that the company doesn’t want to go green unless you, the customer, are to offset their greening costs by paying for it. This way you can feel good that you “supposedly” did something to help the planet and they can feel good at ripping you off.

Last year on ROI, they gave us the option of offsetting our carbon footprint and that really pissed me off. If they are so liberal and green, why are they not doing it themselves? Now when you buy a plane ticket, you can offset your carbon footprint by paying extra, so the company can use wind power for some of their operations. At my bank they have this sign about offsetting their carbon footprint with clean technologies.

I can go on and on, what about the magazines that are now asking you to pay for a subscription but read it online instead? Isn’t the whole point of receiving a magazine to actually receive said magazine? The least they could do is say that you will save money by only getting it online. Instead they save printing and publishing costs and you “feel” good about saving the environment.

Speaking about saving the environment, it seems that no large corporation really gives two shits about the environment; it seems to be all about marketing. Going green cannot be done silently, it needs to be in your face all of the time and I’m sick of being told someone is going green. I’m also sick of offsetting my carbon footprint and just needed to vent.