Yeshivish Pickup Lines

Yeshivish Pickup LinesI doubt most yeshivish people even know what a pickup line is but this was still super fun anyway. This is more of a list of yeshivish people with twisted minds seeing what they could come up with that could be called a pickup line and be yeshivish themed at the same time. Last week we featured modern orthodox liberal pick up lines and I hope to do a bunch more post of different Jewish sects and their pickup lines.

Yeshivish Pickup Lines:

Wanna see my large print mesilas yesharim?

Are you showing your elbows because youíre happy to see me?

My yarmulke isn’t the only big part of me.

Címon you know how bad his breath will be in the yichud room.

You look hot in that BY uniform.

I want to open you up like a Yated Neman after Shabbos dinner.

Can I bodek you?

Don’t worry we can triple wash together.

You can leave your fall on.

I can go fast like Subsational or slow like Burgers Bar.

Your hat is so big.

Youíre such a hot chanie.

Iíve been learning hilchos pilegesh lately and you would make a good candidate.

What you thought that men drive big vans to make up for lack of other things?

Iíd like to chazer you one more time.

Being with you would never be bitul zíman.

I love a man who does the daf.

Your sheitle is so sexy.

Iíd be more than willing to show you the whole blat.

Your anivus is so hot.

We could have such a gashmake time together.

Letís roll play mikvah night.

Iíd love to practice my thumb dips on you.

So are you wearing anything under your shabbos robe?

It will be so leibadik.

We could be chavrusas, I’ll lean on the shtender…