Modern orthodox liberal pickup lines

I have done some similar posts, but I was just thinking that I could kick up another interesting series of posts by thinking of pickup lines for each sect of the Jewish community. More like mixing stereotypes about each sect with some sexual innuendo meant to act as a pickup line if Jews actually used pickup lines. I am also curious to hear if you have any ideas for pickup lines and if you have ever experienced any whacked out MO Lib style pickup lines.

Modern orthodox liberal pickup lines:

You know milchigs isn’t the only thing I eat out?

The only time size doesn’t matter is when it comes to my srugi.

Don’t worry I won’t make you go to the mikvah.

Thinking of you and me in Riverdale.

I am shomer negia; shomer what I am negia.

I would never bring my tefillin on a date, I only daven when there’s breakfast in shul.

I hear you’re a doctor?

C’mon did you “really” come here to daven?

I was the hottest NCSY advisor, you know?

You were so the hottest girl in Camp Hillel.

I love a man who can quote Avi Weiss.

Let’s do it in the shabbos elevator.

I may eat non-kosher vegetarian out, but I’d love to try your kosher meat.

I may not be Dutch but, I only wait one hour between milk and meat.

We can be chavrutas if you like.

We’ll pretend we’re married so you can go to the mikvah.

We met at the women’s megillah reading.

Maybe we can skip the learning on the lawn.

Let’s get our yichud on.

I love a woman who makes kiddush and hamotzi.

I hear you make a mean bok-choy salad.

I saw you leaning over the mechitza.

I thought JOFA said women want to be on top.