Frummies burn Slifkin books, rainbow flags and denim skirts in lag baomer bonfires

Environmentalists have decided to attack the Jewish tradition of bonfires on Lag Baomer, so many orthodox Jews have decided to scrap the bonfire tradition this year. Jewish public relations have taken a big blow this year and they don’t need another PR scandal on their hands, especially when the big thing this year is to go green. Fortunately frummies have decided to take on environmentalists and use the bonfire minhag as an excuse to get rid of unwanted items – a frummy engineer has even developed a turbine to catch the increased heat from the bonfires expected this year in order to go green while burning the following unwanted items at the same time.

Leftover Indian hair sheitles

Slifkin Books

Accidental triangle-K purchases

Matisyahu CD’s

Denim Skirts

Chometz found on Pesach Sheini

Untznius Dolls

Computers without filters

The Kaballah Center Zohar set

Making of a Gadol books

NCSY Benchers

Low mechitzas

Sim Shalom Siddurs

Rainbow Flags