My computer is having technical difficulties and I really need a new one

I have needed a new laptop for sometime, my computer is constantly frozen and the latest issue is that it doesn’t allow me to access any wireless networks. Everyone says get a mac, I tell them to give me a thousand bucks, I simply cannot afford any computer at the moment – if things really get bad – I may have to ask for donations. I am writing this from a one bar open network in San Francisco, where I am wondering how I can be a full time blogger without a computer that can access the net – stay tuned – because when I do come back to you folks I will have lots to say. It’s one thing to be on vacation from work, another not to be able to do it when you want to.

P.S. if anyone does want to donate an old laptop to the frum satire fund, I am more than willing to take it – the one I use currently is my original computer from 2004 and it seems to be on its last whim.

Hopefully I will get some help with my problem soon…