Chat Roulette piano videos are amazing

Chat Roulette is extremely strange, it allows you to have video chats with completely anonymous and random people. Of course this invites some pretty strange activity from people around the world. You get set up with someone random and it seems that very few chats ever actually happen, either way the concept from an internet/social media appeal is amazing. So this guy decides to play songs on the piano when his chat screen shows up about the different people showing up and I am super excited about it – if I have to explain why you just don’t understand the future of the web (either way it’s insane) Both videos have mild cursing – I warned you – I just had to get these up before Sefira started.

Even crazier is the fact that my man Ben Folds decided to do this at a concert, so the people on chat show up to a cheering concert hall as Ben Folds plays the piano about them. Insane, simply insane!