Stuff Jewish People Like

So I was under the influence last Saturday night when I had an epiphany, I’ve never had an “under the influence” related epiphany, mostly because I rarely become under any influence, besides that of a very good speaker. So I’m hanging with my Mexican Jew friend and we are talking about conversions and I think of the fact that Gerim probably cringe at the thought of Metzitzas B’peh (when the mohel sucks your blood – but it looks like other unmentionables) and I think holy crap, I should do a bunch of posts on the stuff that Jewish people like and don’t like.

Of course when I got home I googled Stuff Jewish People Like and knowing already that the Dreidl Hustler pointed me to some interesting, albiet possibly offensive websites that are more about the things tushies, shmeckels and Jewish people hate, I came back with a defunct blog called Stuff Jewish People Like, another blog called Stuff Jewish People like and some thing from Jewlicious which seems like the defunct blog about the stuff Jewish People Like.

As expected there was nothing about what the different sects of Jewish people like. So I decided that sometime after pesach I may devote a chunk of posts to some of the things different Jewish groups like or don’t like. I don’t want it to be too obvious, so I will try and be clever. As of now I plan on doing the following groups, BT’s, Gerim, MO, Yeshivish, Charedim, Secular Jews, Zionists, Feminists and hopefully some more, so stay tuned.

If you have any ideas please send them to my email address