Selling your chometz seems like such a sham

I sold my chometz last year on erev pesach, via an online form from Chabad, I think it’s BS but it sure made me feel like I still had all of my energy bars, trail mix and granola to look forward to after pesach. Same thing this year, I googled Sell My Chometz Online and sure enough the number one result is chabad and it’s online form. I felt so ingratiated I made a $36 donation – where else could I just click away my chometz ownership?Thank God for chabad!

As a kid I was regaled with ancient tales of the no good shtetl goy coming into the house over pesach and demanding all of his whiskey, I guess chometz selling was a little like my own Santa Clause story – it took some years – but eventually I realized that no one would actually come into your house and test the chometz sales contract. Was it even a real sale? Or was it some Rabbi heter to save money? It all seems like one big halachic sham.

Has anyone even met the person who buys their chometz? I honestly have no idea, where are these goyishe chometz buyers, have any of you ever met a non-Jew that happened to be one of the buyers for the local communities chometz. I am telling yo it seems like a myth.

Then I go online 2 hours before Pesach and sell my chometz on an online form, what’s up with that? I feel like chabad does it to make the lazy guys like me who don’t want to track down the rabbi to take care of it – feel good about saving their chometz.