Center for Haredi Phobia opens in Israel

The Center for Haredi Phobia opened in Israelthe other day, the center will offer unique programs to change the minds of those who fear and hatred the Haredim in Israel. It is has been thought for sometime that people in Israel fear and hate what they don’t know and besides for a few glimpses of Haredim on the street and maybe a screening of Ushpizim at their local Chabad House, very few people actually know any Haredim.

The Center for Haredi Phobia will feature a number of different programs to take you inside the Israeli Haredi community so you can see for yourself that it’s all about the love and not the hate.

Riot Phobia: Many Israelis were disenchanted with the Haredi population in the past year because of the riots that Haredim started so they can enjoy religious freedom, while no one else could. Go inside, see the community for yourself on a lovely Saturday evening as two Haredi men will show you how enjoyable rioting can be. Lose your fear and become one with the Haredi youth as you light neighborhoods on fire, beat up police officers and run from water cannons.

Mehadrin Bus Phobia: Many folks believe that buses should be mixed, but the Haredim don’t. Take a bus ride on one of the many Mehadrin Buses and if there happens to be a woman trying to break halachic authority by sitting up front, join on in the beat down. See for yourself that beating up women who want to pull a Posa Parks move on the Rabbis, is a feel good activity that just brings out the love.

Anti Feminism Phobia: Sit through a class on the reasons why women of the wall cannot be allowed to bring their pritzus and kefira to the last holy site in Israel. Join a special minyan on Rosh Chodesh for shacharit, followed by a chair throwing demonstration. Haredim want to get a point across, but they don’t want to be too violent, the plastic chairs can be seen from a mile away, unlike sticks and stones. Hear the women give their feminist shrieks as they dodge chairs lobbed by you and the center for haredi phobia members teaching the course.

Haredim are not fanatic’s people just don’t read the signs: The secular media has a way of portraying the evil Haredim as a bunch of backward Taliban type religious fanatics. It is quite common to hear of women having bleach dumped on them for no apparent reason, but these women are never innocent, they dress scantily and try and avoid reading the dozens of signs prohibiting this in out neighborhoods, then they wonder why they had bleach dumped on them. We don’t use tar and feathers as per a ruling from the high court.

Fur Phobia: They want to ban fur in Israel, but that is like putting a knife in our tradition. What would we be without fur hats? How would people be able to tell us apart? Go inside the Haredi synagogue and see for yourself how important the fur hat is – don’t be afraid, dress in pants and be welcomed in with open arms.

Other phobia programs offered: Boycotts, 17 kids, Women in the kitchen, Anti Zionism, and more.