Let Pesach madness begin

One of the reasons I love Pesach so much, besides for the hours of repeated divrei torah, constipation and uncle moishy carnivals are the absurd items that seem to come out every year. From kosher paper towels to kosher toilet bowls, it seems that there is no limit to the insanity that the frummer than everyone else crowd can think up. Pesach is the best time to show off how frum you are or how little you know of halacha, you can choose your own adventure. Thanks to Chaim for sending this item he found in Baltimore – because chas v’shalom those little baggies you use for bedikas chometz break and spill the pieces of bread all over the house and force you to clean again.

If you find any crazy Passover items you think should be featured here I would like this week to be focused on the good, the bad and the ugly of the impending holiday. Email pictures or stories to me at frumsatire@gmail.com