Letter to the editor: Frum Satire was never frum

By Lurker that never comments

Every time Heshy decides to share with us some insight into his daily hashkafic struggles people go ape shit, they start to complain that he isnít frum anymore and that his blog isnít frum and that things have changed and as a diehard Frum Satire fan, I am sick and disgusted with all of you because Heshy was never frum and his blog was never† frum either, hell, if the internet and blogs arenít frum in the first place how can Frum Satire actually be frum? It’s called frum satire because he makes fun of the frum world, although he only started writing satire in the past couple of years.

I started reading Frum Satire in the fall of 2006, I think it was a link from one of those long gone mommy bloggers to a post telling me he goes to shul for Kiddush and to look over the mechitza, finally someone just like me, right? Well if heís going to shul for food and women he obviously wasnít frum then.

You know what else?

Heshy never wore a white shirt, yeshivish style tzitzis, or a hat Ė automatically disqualifying him from ever being frum. He also taught us all how to navigate around shomer negia with his loopholes list, which wasnít very frum at all. What about all this talk of frum porn? Frum Porn is an oxymoron, which makes anyone using the two words in the same sentence not frum. Just due to the fact that Heshy is in his upper 20ís and still single means heís not frum, he just admitted the other day for the umpteenth time that he spends his days wasting seed so that he will be able to boil in it when he goes up to the beis din shel mala.

Donít even get me started on his Sinas Chinam and Loshon Horah, anyone reading this blog is sinning and Heshy, in spreading his vile disgusting stereotypes and poking fun at Jews is all damning him out of frumkeit long before he decided to share with you his views on his hashkafa struggles. Do you realize how many people Heshy has pushed off the derech by spreading his filth, heís been doing it since the middle of 2006, yet now, that he has decided to try and do his veahavta lareacha kamocha deal you have the gall to say his blog is changing, isnít frum anymore and that itís been going downhill.

Do you people actually think he isnít frum? He seems a lot more frum than all of you people. Do you really expect Frum Satire to be stagnant and non-evolving?