Women of the Wall

Women of the Wall is not a group of women that build walls, it’s not even a group of women that likes to be thrown against walls, in fact they aren’t even demanding equal rights at a wall, all they really want to do is daven at the kotel in talesim, tefilin and the ability to lain from the torah, in peace.

If I had founded a group such as Women of the Wall, I could think of far more pressing issues facing women at the kotel than davening rights, I also never made it to shachris at the kotel during a six month stint in Israel. Have you noticed how far the women have to backtrack in order to use the bathroom and wash their hands? Aren’t women’s restrooms supposed to be closer, than the men’s rooms? Have you seen that shaky scaffolding situation balancing precariously above the ladies section?

Don’t even get me started about sections – if we were going by the law – the ladies section at the kotel is not even “separate but equal”. Have you noticed that the size is much smaller, and they don’t have access to the chabad indoctrination table, ahem 24 hour day a mivtzayon. The women don’t even get to look through the Plexiglas windows at the old kotel foundations bathed in orange light. I also doubt they get those cool cardboard yarmulkes, wait, do the ladies get cardboard doilies instead?

But the Women of the Wall want none of the men’s section perks, they don’t even demand to be allowed into the little siddur cave in search of that lone ashkenaz siddur (side point why aren’t there ashkenazic siddurs at the kotel?) Nope, these women merely want to put on a talis, tefilin and read from the torah and they don’t even want to do it the men’s section. I haven’t even noticed bimahs in the women’s section, maybe the legal issues are more of convenience issues? Rolling bimahs into the women’s section just isn’t possible because there’s no room.

I personally don’t think the issue is so cut and dry, the kotel is a religious site open to everyone, but if some people feel discriminated against, how do we deal with that? Is it fair to say that religious Jews control the kotel, or is it the state of Israel that controls what goes down at the kotel? If it is a state owned religious site, then shouldn’t these ladies be allowed to do as they please, it doesn’t seem like they are hurting anyone. In fact if we flip it around and it looks like the religious folks that are trying to stop the Women of the Wall are the one’s hurting someone. Seems like another case of tyranny of majority to me.

Think about the possibilities, have you seen how scantily the women in Israel dress? Now imagine they were all wearing talesim? Seems like a plan…

I wonder if they realize that if they make bumper stickers with the WOW acronym, they may be inviting whip em out Wednesdays to Israel?