shul bathroom tissue sucks

What the heck is the deal with shul bathroom tissue?

Note my usage of term bathroom tissue, with regards to shul toilet paper in rusting dispensers it is one of the only times where one may use the ever so popular politically correct made for TV term of bathroom tissue because I have no idea what else to call it. It is definitely not toilet paper, and most definitely not tissues – therefore I have decided it be called bathroom tissue.

I think shul bathroom tissue poses several problems for shabbos, the rough texture can cause bleeding and is awfully scratchy (isn’t scratching assur on shabbos because it makes lines?)  They also bring baal tashchis to the table since it takes twice as many of them to wipe as it does regular tissues or toilet paper. It makes the shul bathroom experience more unpleasant than it already is.

What ever happened to plain old tissue, you know the kind of tissues that yeshiva has, sure it’s of a rough and tumble generic variety – but at least they work.

How long must we suffer at the hands of shul boards as they allocate much needed toilet paper dollars towards useless things like rubber door jambs and those seat cushions for the old men that come to shul twice a year?