Unpious Blog: Chassidic Rebels with a cause

If you take a tour around the Jewish Blogging world you will find countless blogs written by the chassidic fringe about their experience of being stuck in a Charedi world while they are non-believers. There are some great sites out there to tune you into the rather rebellious Chassidic Underworld, which I have tasted in Brooklyn, Monsey and at Chulent gatherings – but, now there is a site which I have high hopes for (unfortunately many Chassidic Bloggers use blogspot platform which is terrible and do not update often enough) – Unpious.com is a multiple authored collaborative site devoted to the Chassidic Fringe. I have read most of the stuff on there, it is well written and although much of it I don’t find entertaining – I think that may be because I am not Chassidish, there is still plenty of thought provoking discussion and I have very high hopes for Unpious.