Letter to the editor: I am not Jewish but my boyfriend is orthodox

This was sent to me via email and she gave me permission to post it:

So I watch all your videos on youtube and I love them, you are quite the comedian. I need your opinion on something because I don’t have anyone else to ask. I started dating a MO yeshiva guy¬†about 7 months ago and it has gotten pretty serious, however I am Catholic. I was under the impression from what I have read that he technically shouldn’t be dating me, but when I broach this subject with him he kind of brushes it under the table and I never get a straight answer.

I know that he would never marry anyone who wasn’t Jewish, but does that also apply to dating?

I am so confused by him also because he talks a lot about us having kids together and he makes all these plans for the future with me, but then he will turn around and make jokes that he better be coming to my wedding when I marry a nice christian boy. I’ve told him that I would convert if it were to ever come to that and raise a family Jewish, and he will be really supporting one day, and the next telling me not to convert. What the f! I’m hoping you can help me out here, at least shed a little insight on this situation. Thanks!