Jewlicious Festival

Reminder: I am performing tonight at the shul on the beach in Venice, California.

Jewlicious Festival 6.0 is a three-day gathering of Jewish students & young adults, Feb. 19-21, 2010, held at the massive 85,000 sq. ft. Alpert JCC in Long Beach. The Jewlicious Festival features leading Jewish personalities, musicians, artists, and writers from around the world for a world-class concert series, inspiring Shabbat experiences, discussions and workshops. Jewlicious has been described as “an event unlike any other weekend in Jewish history.” Jewlicious Fest unites trend-setters, artists and spirit seekers; Ashkenazim, Sefardim, Persians and Mizrachim; atheists, agnostics, skeptics and believers; designers, activists, jocks, and hipsters. Sound impossible?

Since I am already living out in California I am able to attend, in fact I am performing for the first time on the west coast tonight in Venice @ Shul on the Beach – and it’s a FREE show. Anyway, Dave from Jewlicious, tells me that if you want to be a presenter you can go to the festival for free. Besides for the fact that tons of cool peeps will be there including Matisyahu and myself, there will be tons of guys and gals and maybe you can meet that special someone.

For anyone living in the Los Angeles area under the age of 36 you would be foolish not to attend Jewlicious Fest. Meals, concerts and panels are all included and you get to camp out with a bunch of very random people, and I can guarantee there will be some hotties there – it is southern California after all.

Check out the partial list of presenters:

Matisyahu, Grammy-nominated recording artist
Yuri Foreman, Current WBA super welterweight champion of the world
Noah Alper, Founder of Noahs Bagels
Marcus J.Freed, Jewish Yogi, Actor and Musician
Eli Winkelman, Challah for Hunger founder
Tanya Gutsol, Ukrainin Jewish Activist
Sara Fenton, Belly and Breakdance Performer
Talya Lev, Israeli Human Rights Activist
Menachem Butler, PhD Student in Jewish Studies
Sasha Perry, Jewish Environmental Activist
Benjamin Anthony, Israeli Reserve Officer and Founder, Our Soldiers Speak
David Abitbol Internet Genius, founder of
Jonathan Haidu, Winemaker
Tahli MIller, Filmmaker/Educator
Rachel Bookstein Co-founder, Jewlicious Festival
Rav Shmuel Rabbi and NY Indie Rocker
Chaim Davids, Chef, The Kitchen Table
Ezra Bookstein, Award Winning Documentary Filmmaker
Gavriel Weiss Winemaker and Kashrut Supervisor
Jonathan Boyer Co-Founder, LA Happy Minyan
Leibush & Dena Hundert, Founders, Montreal’s Ghetto Shul
Adam Weinberg , Concert Promoter
Guru Lee Weisman, Former Librarian of Dalai Lama
Shawn Landres, CEO, Jumpstart
Joshua Avedon, COO, Jumpstart
Lisa Klug, Author of Cool Jew
Maital Guttman, Filmmaker, JQ of LA
Joel Chasnoff, Jewish comedian and author of The 188th Crybaby Brigade
Ezra Flom, Jewish Environmental Educator, HUC DELET Fellow
Harry Nelson, Medical Marijuana Legal Group
Leah Jones, Social Media Coaching for Artists
Anthony Rogers-Wright, Musician and Member of Moishe House
Sarah Leah Gormin, Artist and art educator
Prof. Jeffrey Blutinger, Co-Director, CSULB Jewish Studies Program
Mikey Pauker, Singer Songwriter
Wesley Pinkham, Jewish Song Leader
Bina Stinnet, AJU Student & Activist
Jennifer Turner, Ameri-Corps
Benji Lovitt, Commedian and Educator
Margo Stern, Leadel Marketing Director