You might be part of the shidduch crisis if

Someone wants to pay you to go out with older girls.

Girls are willing to fly to you so they can date you.

You volunteer for chesed projects just to meet girls.

You had a professional editor look at your frumster profile.

You know where every Starbucks in Brooklyn is.

The folks at various hotels think you’re a rich guy who gets a lot of chicks.

Whenever someone tells you about a girl you know to flip their descriptions to exact opposites of what they said.

You are yeshivish but willing to date an “earner”.

You have begun to venture out of your hashkafic realm.

You have started dating GU’s – Geographically undesirables.

You moved from Washington Heights to the Upper West Side.

You are willing to date girls that aren’t sure about covering their hair.

You want to start a website called “rate my shadchan” in response to the ridiculous matches that Saw You At Sinai sends you.

You have begun a blog to gripe about your situation.

The 40 year old virgin speaks to you.

You get angry when people say “im yirtza hashem by you”.

You like to brag how you are the last single girl in your class, and how that makes you “not your typical bais yaakov girl”.

You watch reruns of Sex and the City as therapy.

People don’t ask you anything about yourself besides your age.

You aren’t so frum anymore when it comes to coed events, everything becomes an opportunity to meet someone.

You get set up with the same people from different shadchanim and websites.

Whenever one of your friends says “Do you know…?” You usually do know or have dated and you always answer that it’s a bad idea.

You cringe whenever your relative suggests a sefer on how to find your zivug.

Going on dates resembles an office meeting for you, in that you shout things like, “Oh crap I have a date tomorrow at 7.”

If you live out of town there is no way out of shidduch marathons, sometimes you will stack 10 dates in a row over a weekend.

You go out with girls in airports during your stopovers (I know several people that do this).

You go on skype dates.

You aren’t the type, but you have a shidduch resume that you give out to people.

You begin to tell people how happy you are that you stayed single.

You like to point out all of the divorced people you know that should have waited longer.

You go out with people that aren’t shayich so people won’t call you picky.

You tell people you are busy to get out of dating.

You ask your friends for their facebook passwords so you can investigate the girls you were set up with on saw you at Sinai.

You just want to meet someone normal.

You have even considered joining Jdate.