Where did all these anti-gluten people come from?

I can hardly find a product anymore that doesn’t proclaim what it does not have in it. It seems that the food police have become anti-everything, even things that are thought to be beneficial.

Why does it seems that anti-gluten fanatics are abound, especially in the Jewish community, I go to Kiddush now and overhear people talking about what is gluten free at the table and what doesn’t have nuts and what doesn’t have soy –what the hell?

Seriously, I remember when soy was the bomb and everyone wanted to have soy but now, suddenly soy is bad. Then lactose became evil and the latest devil is gluten. People hate gluten. It has become a thing to hate on gluten — when on earth did gluten became so evil?

I can’t take it anymore, and on top of all this, you have packaging proclaiming that their orange juice doesn’t have trans-fat in it. There are countless times I see packages of stuff that never even had trans-fat or gluten or soy in it to begin with, but it seems that everyone has become too dumb to realize this. So they have to tell you what the product is free of, making its consumers into folks who can proclaim how healthy they are.

“I don’t eat gluten” is the new rallying cry. Well, woop de do for you.