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This chabad house is haunted, but not by the Rebbe

This man was buried in the rubble of Haiti for 65 hours, he wrote goodbye notes to his kids and ended up saving himself by using the first aid application on his Iphone.

Sometimes, even I get offended by satire. This piece about the Israeli effort in Haiti offended even me.

Imagine a frum satire style blog for the Jewish Syrian Community.

There’s nothing more flattering than another blogger copying a post of mine, Frum N Flipping has her own version of why she likes being frum.

Failed Messiah who was written up in the New York Times.

I am going to the Jewlicious Festival in Long Beach California Feb 19-21 and you should too.

Modesty is not about stockings, skirts or sheitles – interesting perspective from an off the derech BT.

I plan to make fun of them in the future, but is one of the newest frum news blogs and they claim to be the voice of Torah Jewry. I always thought that Torah Jewry looked to the gedolim for advice, not blogs. is holier than thou by the way.

You tube is going to start doing movie rentals, very cool.

We all knew it, but finally CNN realizes that the Israelis are king when it comes to airport security.

Check out the Jewish Farm School – sounds like fun.

The latest style in Israel is the Keffiyeh – I wonder when frum women will start using them to cover their hair.


I’m sick and tired of being asked to vote for the Friendship Circle to win a million bucks – but they are a good organization, so stop telling me to vote already.

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