Vote FC – help friendship circle win $1 million

By now I am sure many of you have gotten emails, facebook invites or seen tweets on how you can help Friendship Circle win $1 million from Chase Bank. I have gotten countless request to write about it and here it is, go to Vote FC and register to help them win. Read about Friendship Circle below…

Since 1994, Friendship Circle has been providing assistance and support to the families of children with special needs. The majority of the Friendship Circle’s innovative work with children with special needs takes place at the Ferber Kaufman LifeTown building, a 23,000 square-foot state-of-the-art facility, which serves as a therapy and activity center, social meeting place, and hub for our network of volunteers, professional staff, and supporters.

The most striking feature of LifeTown is the Weinberg Village, a unique, interactive world where children with special needs, our Special Friends, can have fun while they practice important life skills through role play. Weinberg Village,a realistic 5,000 square foot indoor town features its own movieFriendship Circle Logo Large.jpg theater, beauty salon, pet shop, library, drug store and bank. At LifeTown, children with special needs and their parents and siblings find aplace that has been specifically designed to meet their needs.LifeTown is more than a community center or a therapeutic facility – it is a house of friendship. In addition to providing assistance and support to families of children with special needs, Friendship Circle offers support to individuals and families struggling with addiction, isolation, and other crises through our Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House.

The Daniel B. Sobel Friendship House is a safe haven – a place where people in crisis of all ages and backgrounds can go to pull themselves together, determine what their next steps will be, and readjust to the world around them, all in an environment of unconditional friendship and support.The Friendship House, a non-threatening, comfortable home, features cozy lounges, a kitchen and dining area, a library filled with hundreds of titles on recovery and addiction, offices for counseling and administration, and a social hall for meetings and events. A variety of activities are offered on a daily basis, and the House is available for AA/NA and other recovery meetings

The Friendship Circle consists of five parts – volunteers, children, parents, staff, and supporters. The true beauty of the Circle is how all of the elements link together to form a seamless community of friendship. Just as a circle has neither end nor beginning, our community offers promise, hope and love that have no bounds.

The Friendship Circle is affilited with the Lubavitch Foundation of Michigan

The following video was sent to me – the guy from the video claims he doesn’t say “messiah” at the 37-38 second mark, but I just don’t believe him.