Are you frum and off to prison? You may need to know new halachos?

The previous works of Rabbi Getzel Akum have established him as a Halachic expositor of the first order. His Mattir Issurim on the Halachos of commerce and Lo BaShamayim Hi on the Halachos of air travel remain modern classics of the field.

Now he turns his erudite focus and masterful pen to an area that has become increasingly relevant to the Torah community—the Halachos of incarceration. This groundbreaking work addresses the plethora of issues that today’s Jewish inmate faces in his valiant efforts to adhere to Halacha, including the following:

·     What are the requirements for conducting Bedikas Chometz in one’s cell?

·     May a shiv set aside before Shabbos be handled on Shabbos?

·     Can one be Yotzei the Mitzvah of Mishloach Manos with cigarettes—and, if so, do menthols qualify as a separate Bracha?

·     May one carry an object from one’s cell to an exercise yard on Shabbos?

·     How do the Halachos of Yichud apply in the prison context?

Exhaustive yet clear, detailed yet easy to follow, comprehensive yet concise—and now with a Haskamah from the Spinka Rebbe—this monumental book belongs in every Jewish home and library. It will become a mainstay for scholar and layman alike.?

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