First closes now Tefillin Date Blog is gone

Why do people think I know why the Tefillin Date Blog closed down, I have no idea, but I can understand their desperation. Teffillin Date provided the community with the crappiest photo-shopped pictures of some of the ugliest women I have ever seen(probably to make it seem more realistic) wearing snoods and nothing else – it really was a disgrace to the Jewish Blogging community and porn fans worldwide.

What’s funny, is people actually thought the stuff was real and countless people still think there is some secret stash of frum porn on the web, judging from the amount of searches there are for things like chassidsh sex and heimishe nude. I tried all those searches for years – there is nothing out there. If you find something, it’s fake, I’m sorry but the closest thing on this site you will find to frum porn is the word “frum porn”.

And if you think modifying your searches to read “” or “tefillin date closed” will bring back your site – you should think again. Apparently Leah Kleim is also gone, so do yourselves a favor and realize that no one who is really frum will ever pose naked because someone will recognize them and then their kids won’t get shidduchim.