Rabbi Leib Tropper – finally a frum scandal involving sex

rabbi leib tropperFor all of you who don’t keep up on your daily frum community gossip columns Rabbi Leib Tropper is involved in the latest scandal to hit the frum world. Unlike the countless other scandals involving so called “frum” people, this one is actually exciting, as you guessed it involves money, you cannot have a frum scandal without money but this time it involves Sex, that’s right folks, a scandal involving sex, bribery and fraud – what could be better?

Apparently Leib Tropper who was the president of the group EJF –Eternal Jewish Family, forced a woman whom he was overseeing her conversion to do sexual favors for him. I know it sounds crazy, and when I heard that it was posted on Failed Messiah, I figured it must be some sort of tirade against orthodoxy, but it isn’t, this time there is actual proof and it doesn’t help his case that he resigned his position as the story broke.

Now normally I don’t talk much about scandals, the kidney thing wasn’t that funny and the Madoff thing was money and even Rubashkin was kind of boring in my mind, but having sex with your Rabbi is kind of funny, especially when you’re doing it in order to convert.

How did she get tapes? Will these be like the Paris Hilton Tapes? Those texas girls are kind of hot.

I have read up on the investigation, facts and allegations – and the following information was posted on the Dov Bear Blog, which to me is one of the easiest to read, comment on and sort through because it just lays it all out for ya.

Absolute facts:

— In 2006 Leib Tropper revoked a woman’s conversion because of a breach of strict halachic tznius rules.
— In October 2009 Leib Tropper was sued by a billionaire Israeli for allegedly misappropriating 1 million dollars.
— In mid-December 2009 Leib Tropper resigned from his leadership role at EJF
— Pashkvelin in Israel, this month,  denounced Leib Tropper as a Zimri playing like a Pinchas.

Facts Supported by strong circumstantial evidence:

— A woman who identifies herself as Shannon Orand, recorded a number of conversations between herself and  a man who sounds like Leib Tropper and has intimate information about Leib Tropper’s associates and family.
— In the audio recording, Tropper speaks of a sexual relationship with the woman as well as setting her up for phone sex and actual sex acts with men identified only as “Amir” and the “Satmar guy.”
— Money is passing hands, although it is not clear if the funds were used as a quid pro quo for sex.

Information provided by Shmarya at FailedMessiah after a conversation with the woman (whom he does not identify):
— The audio was leaked and was not supposed to end up in the hands of bloggers and mainstream media.
— One of Shmarya’s sources for the audio was the billionaire Israeli.
— There were other women that were part of the sexual activities.
— The woman claims that Tropper was using her for sex and in return he was going to provide her with a conversion.

Investigative Reporting:

— The woman on the audio is from Texas. There is a Shannon Orand listed in Houston Texas. Her address is near the frum neighborhood.
— Ms. Orand claims on her Myspace page that she was raised Catholic and is now Jewish. This implies she has already converted.
— Ms. Orand has not logged into her Myspace account since August 2009.
— Ms. Orand had a Facebook account (which is still visible in google results if you click “cached”) it has been since deleted.

Pure Speculation / Food For Thought:

— If Ms. Orand had already converted why was she converting again? Was it a set-up? Or was she really converting (again)?
— A man with the means of the slighted billionaire Israeli could very well have orchestrated the demise of his nemesis by playing to Tropper’s weaknesses with an elaborate set-up.
— By recording conversations in which the woman admits to sexual activity with a married man and potential sexual activity with others, we can infer that there was a huge interest on her part to expose Tropper and indict herself.
— The things Tropper did would still be inexcusable but they shed new light on his predicament.
— Don’t mess with billionaires.


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Dov Bear has also informed us that this story is going to a biggie in the New York Times – now what do I have to do to make it big. Oh and as expected Vos Iz Neias and Yeshiva World News have not made one mention of this – even though they beat the Rubashkin thing like a dead horse – is it possible that they have an aversion to Rabbis and sex – although they do seem to be touting the nude bike lane protest news quite a bit these days.