The problem with having your birthday on Chanukah

HappyBirthdayMy Hebrew birthday is tonight and that has always been problematic for me, you see when your brithday falls out on chanukah people forget to give you a gift because they just gave you one. In my case no one ever really gave me any gifts, the last gifts I got en masse seemed to be my bar mitzvah and since then no one has really cared to acknowledge me, my grandaprents and all dead and I have no rich relatives, but I figured maybe one of you wants to send me a gift, a card, anything to make me feel nice, you can even donate money for my trip out west.

I don’t really expect anything but I figured what the hey? It can’t hurt…

My paypal address is frumsatire@gmail

If you really want to send me anything – I love mail – you can send it to my fathers house at
Heshy Fried
1109 Plainview ave
Far Rockaway, NY 11691

I will turn 28 tonight