Are frummies rude or is it just a New York thing?

frum jews are so rudeSo I was getting lunc to day at Shimon’s Pizza (after trying all the pizza on main street I like theirs the best) on Main street in Queens when this old man walks in.

“How much is a slice?”

Spanish guy answers $2.25

“Ok I’ll take one”

This Jewish guy standing behind the counter looks at the guy and says “What’s your name?” in a really rude fashion.

Old guy “I never had to give my name to get a piece of pizza before.”

Jewish guy behind the counter seems pissed off, and mumbles something that sounded like “I know you from somewhere.”

Old guy didn’t know him and the exchange was done.

Granted it’s New York City and people are generally rude or hurried, but I was kind of pissed off too – I mean, if you’re going to play Jewish Geography with someone trying to make a connection with a fellow Jew maybe it could have been along the lines of “I think I knew what’s your name?” or something a bit more pleasant.

This incident happens in countless places all of the time, in shul especially, or one time when I was out in a nice restuarant this guy was sure he met me somewhere and the only thing I was sure of, was that I wanted to eat in peace.

I do wonder, however, if frum Jews are ruder than all the rest, or it’s just a New York thing?