Yeshiva World News comment of the day

lipa schmeltzerIn this past weeks torah portion we learned that Esav used to ask his father really dumb questions that he knew the answer to in order to make himself seem more frum in his fathers eyes. This same thing is happening in the frum community, especially the Yeshiva World News Forum, otherwise known as the coffee room. People in the coffee room try to make themselves look like zealots compared with the rest of the frum community – complaints about everything from people not wearing hats, wearing colored shirts to kids having cell phones and I-pods is touched on. The response to the forum topic below is priceless.

Is anyone besides me worried and appalled at today’s frum music?

The only thing frum about it is the words, but the lighting and the big bands and the driving rock-and-roll beat and the choreography and the drums and everything else about it besides the words is strictly adopted from non-Jewish music. I guess they are all doing it because it sells and everyone is so “golus-ized” that they think that’s the way things should be.

Anyone who’s been to a Yerushalmi wedding with the two singers and a tom-tom drum sees what real happiness from Jewish music is. There has to be a way to stop this goyification of Jewish music.

Does anyone else care?



Yes. I am getting sick and tired of all these uplifting psukim set to music, as if Yiddishkeit is just about having a good time, about kol chosson vekol kalla, about Moshiach, etc.

It is time to set psukim that end in mois yumos, or begin with arur, to music and to play these at chassunes to remind the couple and all guests that ours is a life of responsibility and following rules.

As a great godol, one who is so holy that he rarely sees the light of day, once said: “Yiddishkeit iz nit nor gefilte fish in bagels. S’iz skila, sreyfo, hereg in chenek!” (Judaism is not just gefilte fish and bagels. It is lapidation, immolation, supracervical amputation, and asphyxiation.)

If the beat would symbolize say skila or malkos, and the words would be quotes pertaining to aveirois, the songs would really inspire our youth and instill yiros shomayim in them.