Interesting posts from around the J-blogesphere

Check out the new comedic blog Frum Follies so far so good – this one may actually last longer than 3 months

The Day Daas Torah Died – a really good post from Honestly Frum – and I do agree with it

DYS is wondering on Dov Bear’s blog if Same Sex Marriage is a civil right?

Jameel at The Muquata has some super cool info and pictures of Lunar Rainbows

A Mother in Israel seems to know a lot of information on Lice removal

Shira over at On the Fringe tells us what a typical conservative Bar Mitzvah celebration is like

Frum Curious’s parents are racist – well you may be perfectly suited to being frum then

Material Maidel thinks that frum weddings can do without many things

Nameless Faceless has her own ideas as to what people should be giving new kallahs

Rafi G of Life In Israel does these interesting post things once a day

Jewlicious cracks me up with his ideas for cold weather rabbi gear