I never thought tehillim requests would become spam

tehilim spamThis is dedicated to Yehuda who is really pissed off, I myself don’t really care, but I tried to put what he messaged me on Facebook into a blog friendly format…there is a nice version and a mean spirited version of what Yehuda may send back to you if you send him one of these, but his would contain many explitives.

Nice version:

Wow, I’m so happy that you took time out of your busy schedule to ask me to say tehillim for someone you know who may be in need of my prayers. I am kind of honored actually, I mean, doesn’t that mean you trust that my prayers mean something. Does that mean you think I am on a high enough madreiga that you would request me to be of service to you – wow that’s pretty cool, considering the fact you don’t know me.

Evil road rage version:

I’m sick and tired of your chain mail tehillim requests, the 90’s was for those spammy chain letters that promised me money and love. You want me to pray for your aunts neighbor that is getting surgery in three weeks from now? Yeh, well don’t send it to me over facebook – that really shows you care – because I don’t!

See what you caused with tehillim request…anger and madness, I can’t take it anymore. Its one thing if you want me to join your zombie killing scrabble game, but I thought it would end at dumbass apps, but it didn’t. If not for you tehillim requests wouldn’t be considered spam – the lowest madreiga of all requests!