I don’t do Halloween – but you can’t help but notice the freakshow

halloween sucksI am not really into “celebrating” Halloween, it is a pagan holiday and I am sure they used it as an excuse to throw some Jew burning pogroms back in the day. But, I couldn’t help myself from getting down to the village to watch the freakshow (had to drop someone off)  and the we left for a concert in Williamsburgh, I did notice some interesting things.

The number one most used costume by far is the Slutty Witch, it seems that creativity in costumes is kind of lost on the city crowd, and that girls can merely throw on a really short skirt show some cleavage and people seem to be really happy with the results. The problem with this is that half of the girls I saw in slutty costumes, shouldn’t legally be allowed to expose such nastiness. There should be some sort of legal issue with showing TOO much skin, especially if its in excess of 300 pounds.

After watching the freaks walk around the village we skipped out to Williamsburgh, a much more kosher and tame Halloween experience, but we weren’t really going for that. My buddy found out about a free show at a bar called Zebulon and we were going to hit that up.

I have ridden my bike around Willi many times, but I have never really experienced the nightlife there, it is completely different from Manhattan. Everything is free to get in with no cover, there are no lines to get carded and marked up and the people are generally more relaxed – probably because in order to be a hipster I hear one can’t care too much about anything.

Willi costumes were more creative and one in particular was amazing, this guy had atteched a broken umbrella to his tie and hat so when he walked it appeared as if he was getting blown away by the wind. There weren’t too many slutty constumes and at the show we went to most people weren’t even dressed up.

We waited until 11 to see the band Dub Is a Weapon, in the meantime we happened to be sitting next to their publicist who also works as a publicist for Michael Franti – which I thought was pretty cool. I was willing to wait it out because Free Shows either suck or rock, we figured if it sucked we could just leave.

Zebulon is not a large bar, and the band took up most the room, but wehn Dub is a Weapon came on immediately my hairs stood on end and I started flipping out at how good they were. For those who don’t know “Dub” music is an instrumental form of reggae, that is very drum and bass centered.

The band consisted of two percussionists, one bassist, a trumpeter, saxophonist and two guitarists, that produced this amazing funked and bassed up reggae sound that wouldn’t let you stop dancing and grooving for a moment. I was hooked and they play every 4th staurday night at this place.

Here’s a video of them:(this is with Lee Scratch Perry – so there are words)

For the record I don’t believe in celebrating Halloween and just had to go to the city to drop my girlfriend off and then go to the concert.