Vos Iz Neias comment of the day

haredi riotsVos Iz Neias doesn’t just report news, they allow many of us a glimpse into the minds of Charedim, or the minds of those who read and comment on the site. The comments on Vos Iz Neias make my site sound like a bastion of liberal academia and I hope to bring you the Vos Iz Neias comment of the day when applicable – if you would like to email me your own finds on Vos Iz Neias, please do and I will post them.

In response to an article about secular Israelis lighting tires on fire to protest a religious school being built in their town.

“We are right here. This kind of behavior from the secular community is even more disgusting then when its from the chareidim. At least the chareidi can say that their bochurim have no knowledge of what is considered civilized behavior so they can behave like chayos. The secular should know better.”

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