I was just laid off!!!

laid offJust like most people in the current economy I was waiting for some time to the day when my boss would call me into theother room and let me go, and on Tuesday he finally did, he looked at me quizically as I explained that for some time I had wanted to quit but the nice salary, low hours, ability to take a vacation whenever I wanted (unpaid) and the fact I could blog from my desk were all too hard to let go of.

I won’t go into details why, but I didn’t like the company I worked for much – lets just put it in the lack of ethics collumn and the constant push for more from a guy who would rather work 8 hours day and go off and do my thing than rake it in by working double that. I like sales, and would like to work in sales again – I just don’t think sitting around and doing phone sales is my thing.

Needless to say, since I’m off and unemployed (I can’t collect umemployment because they paid me cash) I obviously won’t be blogging as much. But my writing style will definitely change, as it always does when life changes.

I have enough dough to hold me over for a couple of months and now I have time to rock it old school in the woods – went hiking in Harriman State Park yesterday and going biking after this. I am also starting to work on a book, an Idiots Guide to Orthodoxy – but I need a title for my proposal in order sell it – will write a post dedicated to that soon.

I will casually look for a job, but I am not in dire straights (Love Mark Knopfler btw) yet – ideally I would like to work 2-4 days a week and write the rest of the time. Oh, and I am thinking of taking a road trip to go backpacking in Montana after the yomim tovim.