Shana Tova – Happy New Year to you all!!!

shofar_idolWith so much negativity in the talkback section of my blog lately I find it kind of strange to be wishing you a happy new year, but after looking at my stats for the last few weeks, I realize that the negativity is from only 10 repetative commenters that cannot understand why I want to grow my hair long, or eat free food, but since on average 3000 unique people are visiting this site a day and not commenting I feel a bit better by doing this.

If I offended you in any way, I hope you will forgive me, or at least realize that life is a test and I have no idea if I am passing with flying colors or failing miserably (I am sure some of you have an opinion) but I life is good thank God and God has provided me with  a talent that I can use to help people and hopefully make a living from someday.

I know I offend people, it runs in the family, my father is a outspoken critic of any thing left wing or too frummie as ar many of his siblings. But I hope you can realize that I am not trying to offend, I am just speaking my mind and exaggerating a little in the process to bring smiles to your faces. Obviously not everyone agrees – but isn’t that the point of blogging.

New Years resolutions:(I hope they aren’t all supposed to be torah related)

This year I want to write a book and get it published, I just got a literary agent and have been working on my outline.

I want to start learning Torah more often

I want to make a living from this blog and writing

I want to try and go to minyan more often

I want to use my influence for a better good – I like getting people jobs and work

I want to visit my mothers grave more often

I want to hang out with my dad more often

I want to appreciate and think about God more often

I grant mechilah to all of you and hope all of you can grant me the same