Frum looking man caught on tape dancing with girls at parade

I know we have to be dan lakav z’chus and make believe that this guy is not Jewish, but due to the fact that the West Indian Day Parade took place in Crown heights on Eastern Parkway, the chances of him being Jewish are pretty high. Either way, I thought this was one of the funniest videos I have seen in some time.

The chances are that he’s Jewish, if he’s chabad someone knows him, he tucked his tzitzis in and wore a baseball hat. I was riding around the parade area on Sunday morning and saw plenty of Chabad folks watching, how common is it for some guy with a beard, white shirt black pants to happen to be hanging around Crown Heights, on a weekday it would be more believable due to the workday.

Someone already told me his beard doesn’t look chabad…

Stop coasting in the status quo. Move forward with