Don’t worry I’m not going to have sex with your daughter at the shabbos table

shabbos table sexWe cant have you over because we have daughters is a classic scenario in the frum community, I vaguely understood the concept when I was 16 and they ran a risk of me making eyes at their daughter too much – which I would never do – but this might have been what they feared, because what on earth would some 16 year old yeshiva student be able to do at the table with the host families daughter?

As I got older this feature of the frum community got quite old, turning me or any male down simply because there were teenage girls at the table is nonsense. As a 27 year old male I have no interest in girls under the age of 21, yeh I will glance over the mechitza at them, but I am not into the whole “if there is grass on the field play ball” comments that many folks in the younger generations may say.

On a side note I just love how whenever someone makes a suggestive comment about an underage girl someone makes a comment on the legality of it, not on the fact that these girls are old enough to be our daughters, interesting indeed.

Seriously though, the unnecessary precautions that frum families take to protect their daughters from any single guy are insane. I’m a 27 year old dude and I have been turned down from eating at peoples houses because they have a 13 year old daughter, seems a bit nuts to me, I can understand the sleeping factor, although what on earth would happen – do people think that anyone over 25 and single is a rapist?

Now if you do happen to make it to a frum family with young teenage daughters the seating can get a bit annoying and funny. Everyone will be seated comfortably and someone will object to a single guy sitting next to a single girl, because God forbid when they pass the chrain to each other their hands will touch and suddenly they will be clearing off the kugel and cholent so they could have sex with each other on the dining room table.

What on earth are these frummies scared of?

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