Interesting posts from around the web

Wolfish musings is debating whether he should come out of the blogging closet after years of being anonymous – don’t do it man!

Failed Messiah informed me that instead of issuing a ban, a Tzfat’s chief Rabbis asked that Madonna comply with Kabalah and wear tznius clothing for her concerts in Israel.

Check out Old Jews Telling Jokes, been getting a lot of media coverage lately.

This chick has some serious issues with Niddah.

My friend Baruch Herzfeld and his lend a Chassid bike program gets noticed by the Forward.

Jacob Da Jew is pissed that people are flinging the term Nazi at each other – and he should be.

Orthonomics gives us a good rundown of the blog and a lesson in orthodox Jewish economics. ‘

The Hamodia acknowledges the existence of Women!!!

A great way to find new Jewish books Tablets On the Bookshelf

Rafi G tells us what the chumra of the month is